How it works?

The auto-hned / coche-ahora / auto-most service is intended for all future owners of new cars who do not like to WAIT for a new car for three months or more from sign an order. We will reach all dealers within your selected region and will aggregate all offers for your demand. All you need to do is pick up or choose the best of.

It is especially suited when you are in situation where you have chosen specific equipment in your car or model eg. RS or convertible, then we will reach out to you for more dealers anonymously and we will find a dealer who has such a specific car in stock today.

This service save your time associated with the dealer visits. And the best thing is that is for FREE for you - future owner of new car.

In the first step, enter the brand and model of your new car for which you decided to buy.

Demand example: Volkswagen, Passat, Diesel

If you have specific requirements that you do not give up (eg. specific color, engine, cruise control, lights, special model eg. RS or convertible, etc.), type it in the box at the bottom. It is also appropriate to write what kind of financing you plan to use with buy a new car (in cash, financing from a dealer, etc.).

In the second step, enter your name, last name (or company name), and the city where you are staying - it is information for us to better know, how far you will be from dealers. And also there you can choose how we will communicate with you (phone or email).

The last step will summarize your demand with a listing of sellers where your inquiry will be sent anonymously. Before we will start working with help you to find the best deals we have to contact you to verify your request (only during working days from 10.00 to 17.00).

After verification, the demand will be sent anonymously to selected dealers. We will then send you the best deals for a new car in stock - available immediately. Right to your preference and within 1 working day. You will then choose from them and we will manage for you a quick contact with the selected dealer or even a pre-reservation of the selected car.

After you will try us, you can also let people know it on social networks - you will be pleased with us.